Yoshitoshi - I Want Someone to Decide for Me

Yoshitoshi - I Want Someone to Decide for Me

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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

From the series "A Collection of Desires". "I want to see Kao"「見立多以盡」 はんたん を して もらいたい

The title Mitate-tai-zukushi can be rendered as

“Eves’ Wishes and Hopes are compared to and alluded to what they are acquainted with.” Here “Eves” are those women and ladies of classes from high and low. Some are new women and others remain in the old profession, but hopeful to venture into their own new selves. (Thanks to Mariko Shimizu for the translations).

CONDITION: Good condition, not backed. 13-1/2" x 9" + Margins as shown. 

Date: 1877

Publisher: Inoue Shigehei