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Hiroshige - Poem by Chunagon Yakamochi

Hiroshige - Poem by Chunagon Yakamochi

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Ando Hiroshige

The Ibaraki Demon (Ibaraki no keshin) waiting by the bridge disguised as a young woman, and Watanabe Genji Tsuna, from the series "Ogura Imitations of One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets" (Ogura nazorae hyakunin isshu).

No. 6 from a series jointly designed by Hiroshige, Kunisada, and Kuniyoshi.
「小倉擬百人一首 中納言家持 いばらきの化身 渡辺源二綱」


Condition: Margins as shown, great condition, not backed.

Date: 1845–48 

Publisher: Ibaya Senzaburô (Dansendô)

Blockcutter: Matsushima Fusajirô (Horikô Fusajirô, Hori Fusa)

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