Kunisada - Sugawara no Michizane

Kunisada - Sugawara no Michizane

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This print is by Utagawa, Kunisada, or Toyokuni III. From the series “100 Poems by 100 Poets”. a series jointly designed by Hiroshige, Kunisada, and Kuniyoshi. 

The poem is by Sei Shōnagon was a Japanese author, poet, and a court lady who served the Empress Teishi around the year 1000 during the middle Heian period. She is the author of The Pillow Book. 

The rooster's crowing
In the middle of the night
Deceived the hearers;
But at Osaka's gateway
The guards are never fooled.

Actor: Bandō Hikosaburō III (left)

Scene: Kan Shōjō (Sugawara no Michizane) and Hangandai Terukuni

Play: “Shōjō Nagori” section of the drama Sugawara denju tenarai kagami

Date: 1847