Kunisada - Kubi-hiki - Theater flower competition

Kunisada - Kubi-hiki - Theater flower competition

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Japanese School- Kubi-hiki (tug-of-war)- woodblock in color, appears to be a panel from a Meiji era triptych. This is a diagram in which the actors with seats in Shintomi-za, which opened in 1878, and Hisamatsu-za, compare their strengths in the form of a "neck pull". Hisamatsuza is drawn in the upper left of the figure, and Shintomiza is drawn in the upper right. In addition, [7] Danzo Ichikawa is still [3] Kyuzo Ichikawa at this point.



Publisher: Kujiro Sawa

Date: 1880s

Condition: Trimmed, minimal small tears and tape remnants, otherwise good condition.  14 x 9 3/8'' (sheet)