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Kyosai - Kyosai's Gadan

Kyosai - Kyosai's Gadan

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This is an original woodblock from Kawanabe Kyosai's autobiographical treatise of painting and drawing, Kyosai Gaden (Kyosai's Account of Painting) published in 1887 by Iwamoto Shun. These are two facing pages are from this famous book, printed on very thin mulberry paper.

Note that the frame is not included. You can find these acrylic frames on Amazon.

Condition: Please look at the prints closely since there is some insect damage (Japanese Deathwatch Beetle) that has been restored with Edo era paper and archival tape. The prints are not backed or glued. Due to the thin paper, I suggest putting the pages on a white background in order to show the print the best (as pictured here). 

Size: Print page sizes 6.5" x 9" (there are 2 pages)

Date: 1887

Publisher: Iwamoto Shun

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