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Yoshiiku - Woman Rebukes Geiko -Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun

Yoshiiku - Woman Rebukes Geiko -Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun

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Tokyo Mainichi Shimbun No. 754

The Story: There is an old lady who lives around Takakura on Shijo in Saikyo [in Kyoto]. She wraps her body in rags. As her dirty face looks like the charcoal she peddles [people] call [her] charcoal hag. She carries a load of charcoal. The accent and appearance [of her] calling and walking through the capital daily. [Someone] laughs Oh, how funny. [She] grabs the lapel of a Gion geiko. What are you laughing at? I, becoming very black like this, call and walk. You, painted very white, sing and dance, together all. Are the same work of crossing this world. Though you laugh at me there I do not laugh at the vulgar occupations of your kind. I have two daughters and their features don't look like this hag. In time they will look like you all. She lifted the load she had lowered beside her and went toward Sanjo calling "charcoal, charcoal".

Some 115 prints are now associated with the Tokyo nichinichi shinbun series, the majority of them by Ikkeisai Yoshiiku. These were color inserts in certain editions of the newspaper, created in order to boost sales. The prints usually told of unusual, salacious and violent incidents.


Publisher: Gusokuya Kahei 

Size: 35.4 x 23.8 cm 

Condition: Good impression and color. Margins as shown, not backed, some glue residue on back. 

Date: 1875

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